Monday, 17 June 2013

Xpeon-TimeX : Manage Your Time

TimeX development as a single program is stopped. TimeX is now embedded in Xpeon-Zen 2

Version : 1.0.0 BETA
OS : Windows
Release Date : 17 June 2013
License : Freeware
Size : 1 MB


Having many task or todo things without write them on a note or alarm may cause you to forgot it. Xpeon-TimeX helps you to remind what to do and even launch program that you want to at desired time.

Xpeon-TimeX will reminds you about any of your task or launch anything in the time you have set it. Xpeon-TimeX can be used to remind task with different 6 frequent.

Xpeon-TimeX will also be shown as a simple clock widget which you can hide or show.

 Xpeon-TimeX Clock 

You can easily add note and task

You can use countdown timer


-6 different reminder frequent :
1.Hourly to reminds every hour
2.Daily to reminds everyday
3.Monthly to reminds every month
4.Yearly to reminds every year
5.Spesific Date to reminds on targeted day
6.Every Target to reminds you every target day like every Monday,etc
-Countdown Timer
-Simple clock widget

- .Net Framework 4.0

Download Link (Version 1.0.0 Beta)
Download Xpeon-TimeX