Sunday, 11 August 2013

Xpeon Bar version 2 : Your Virtual Bar

Note : I stopped update on Xpeon Bar and other Xpeon Freeware. Xpeon is where i learn and test my application in the past. Now i fully focus on my real project in  which contains realization of my idea. Xpeon Bar is a test project for my newest freeware, Vonext Deskcom . It is equipped with more features.

This is the newest version

Latest Version : 2.1.3
OS : Windows
Release Date : 11 August 2013
License : Freeware
Size : 9,3 MB

Note : If you install Xpeon-Bar in The System Directory (C:) you must run it as ADMINISTRATOR otherwise it can't work. But if you install it in another drive (other than C:) you can run it without Administrator permission

Through many consideration, i decide to merge some feature on Xpeon-Zen to Xpeon-Bar. Xpeon-Bar version 2 have a big different with version 1 including in Graphical Interface. Many bug have been fixed since the last beta version (1.2.3). Xpeon-Bar version 2 still provides user to categorized their shortcut. But not just shortcut. Now user can also used Xpeon-Bar as Quick Launch Bar. Drag and drop is now supported to add shortcuts in Application Area or in a Category.

 Other then categorized shortcuts and shortcut, features that included in Xpeon-Bar version 2 :

-Close All, Minimize All, Last Restore
Red button is close all. It will close all application at time. Blue button is minimize all. It will minimize all application at time. And the orange one is Last Restore which restore last foreground windows which is shown before user click minimize all

- Easy Notepad
   The feature that include in Xpeon-Zen version 1, but in Xpeon-Bar , your Easy Notepad can be placed as you wished. You can also use run (to run what you've write in notepad) or open it's folder location

- Music (mp3) player and Screenshot
The screenshot is same as the version 1, just some bugs fix. With the Music Player, you can endlessly paly music in an album you have created. It will repeat after all songs in album finished. The music player have different UI. User can now drag and drop file(s) to music list. The music player also have better graphic.

- Theme Changer
 Every people have different taste of graphic. If you don't like my design, you can change it as you desire (except the home bar button). Also you can manage Xpeon-Bar's Control Margin 

- Xpeon-Bar can be placed in every side of screen
 Now, Xpeon-Bar is not just a horizontal bar. It can be placed in bottom,right,left, or upper side of screen.
It's more flexible then version1.

-Lock Screen
Simple lock screen. Same as version 1

-Browser Launcher
Launch various of web that user has choose. Right click on it's icon to manage it.

- Quick Launch Model
  As i explained that now Xpeon-Bar can used to place shortcuts (as quick launch bar). User can change it's type : show shortcuts only, show both shortcuts and category, show category only. To change mode quickly click on information bar (which gives information of shortcuts, button, and time)

Changelog in version 2.0.1 :
  • New Default Design
  • Icon size reduced
  • Refresh and Category Adder button added
  • User can't change width and height anymore, instead user can manage Margin
  • Manage music button added in Music Player
  • Music Player can skip file that can't be found
  • Application Area, Category Content, Scroll Down, and Scroll Up bugs fix

Download Link :
Download Xpeon-Bar version 2
Download Xpeon-Bar version 2 (rar)

Xpeon-Bar is free of spyware,adware, and virus 

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