Sunday, 11 August 2013

Using Xpeon-Bar Version 2

Manage Category and Application Shortcuts

To add category, simply right click on Home Bar icon (Xpeon-Bar Logo) and then input your category name. Your category will be added into Category Area. To add file(s) or folder(s) into a category, right click on your category and choose either add file or folder. You can also drag and drop files to category.

To add application shortcuts just drag and drop them in application area.

Manage Music

To add music, right click on My Music icon. Create new album or pick the album you have create. You can also drag and drop files to music list. To use music player, left click on Music Player icon , select your album, click play button.

Changing Appearance

If you don't like how the default Xpeon-Bar appearance, click on Home Bar icon, left click on Modify Themes icon. Change existing default image with the new *.png you desired. You can also change width,height, position, and other stuff by left click on Settings icon.

You can easily customize your Quick Launch Model by click on Information bar (which shows you shortcuts name and time) 

Other Utilities

Easy notepad is as just like as Xpeon-Zen Harsh Note. But you can easily moving it and it will remember the last position. To hide it just like zen, click on Easy Notepad icon or click on red box in righ top of Easy Notepad.

Close All will easily close all application if you click it. Minimize all will easily minimize all application. And Last Restore will restore the last minimized window you minimize using minimize all

Screenshot is easy to use. Left click on it and your screenshot will appear. Select your destination and choose a name for new screenshot without extension (Automatically will be a *.jpg image)