Monday, 23 September 2013

Xpeon-Zen 2 : Your True Enhancement

This is the newest version

Latest Version : 2.0.0
OS : Windows
Release Date : 23 September 2013
License : Freeware
Size : 2 MB

Xpeon-Zen Beta turn out to become a quick launch bar, a very different path than the meaning of it's creation. Now Xpeon-Zen 2 the next generation of Xpeon-Zen Beta which created to enchant your desktop with some widget and other stuff. Xpeon-Zen 2 equipped with much more feature than it's previous Beta version.

 Feature include in Xpeon-Zen 2 :

1. Search
Want to find your file , but forgot where did you place it ? Search is the solution. Search through folders and find your file

2. Watcher
Watcher used to reminds you about many things including : Battery-To remind when battery is low and much more, TimeX-Watch and remind your task in 5 different frequents, Memory-Watch your RAM and alert when it's too high. Also have autokill which end process of an application which use memory above user's defined value, and File System-Remind when your disk space is below your defined value for it.
Watcher can be pinned to desktop in 2 different styles : Metro and Widget

 3. Keeper
Want to save notes ? Want to remind the notes by show it on desktop ? Want to keep some notes as private ? Keeper is your choice. Keeper helps you to make notes with two different types : Public and Lock. Public Note can be accessed without password and can be pinned to desktop : either metro or widget. Lock note can be accessed only if the user enter the master password. It cannot be pinned to desktop

4. Utilities
Utilities including other Xpeon-Zen features :
a. Multitext
Same as multitext in previous version, multitext allow user to copy from various source and unite it
b. Dual Hotkey
Make your own hotkey to access your file,folder, or even web

c. Calculator
Just a simple calculator
d. Tile Shortcut
Inspired by metro, Tile Shortcut allows you to make shortcut in tile. Right-Click, hold, and drag to move it. Left-Click to open it.

e. Desktop Tag
A little touch to accompany Tile Shortcut. Make a tag in your desktop to beautify it.

Other than that features, Xpeon-Zen 2 can be customized :

 Changelog in Version 2.0.0 :
- New GUI
- Added Search, Watcher, Keeper, and Utilities menu with it's content
- Some menu's content can be pinned to desktop
- Added better animation effect

Download Link :
Download Xpeon-Zen 2
Download Xpeon-Zen 2 (.rar)

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