11 October 2013
1. Xpeon Bar updated to 2.1.2
Update from version 2.0.2. Changelog in this version :

  • New Default Design
  • Icon size reduced
  • Refresh and Category Adder button added
  • User can't change width and height anymore, instead user can manage Margin
  • Manage music button added in Music Player
  • Music Player can skip file that can't be found
  • Application Area, Category Content, Scroll Down, and Scroll Up bugs fix

02 October 2013
1. Xpeon-Bar updated to 2.0.2
Update from version 2.0.1. Changelog in this version :

  • Now if Xpeon-Bar is set to not autohide, maximum size of form can be fitted with Xpeon-Bar in the screen
  • Guide to use Xpeon-Bar is available
  • Bug Fix

29 September 2013

1. Xpeon-Keystrike updated to 1.1.1
Update from version 1.0.1. Changelog in this version :
  • Password Box design change
  • Keystrike system is now more secure
  • Keystrike won't detected Some Keystrikes with the same 1st value

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