Friday, 5 July 2013

Xpeon-Zen Beta : Easier Life

This Version is outdated. Get version 2 now

Version : 1.2.1 BETA
OS : Windows
Release Date : 5 July 2013
License : Freeware
Size : 2 MB

Xpeon-Zen is a simple vertical bar with many features. It's easy to use. You can also change it's color as you like in option window and much more. Feature that include in Xpeon-Zen  :

- Harsh Note
  Sometimes we need to quickly record something quickly. Sometimes notepad is not to easy to use. Harsh note will be a good choice. You can call it easily anytime just by clicking it.

- Calculator
  Simple calculator base on standart old calculator.

- Dual Hotkey
  Hotkey is usually use to make file easier to access. Create your own hotkey and access file or websites.

- Multitext
  Allows you to copy many text from different sources. Result will be copied when you turn off multitext

- Favorites Bar
 Just like a quick launch in taskbar. You can change it's appearence

You also can change it's appearance.

Requirements :
- .Net Framework 4

Changelog in Version 1.2.1 :
- Xpeon-Zen can be placed in left or right side of windows

- You can now choose picture in jpg or png format as Xpeon-Zen background

- Drag and drop file to favorite's area is now allowed
- You can now add folder to favorite's area

Download Links (Latest Version 1.2.1) :
Download Xpeon-Zen (Setup)
Download Xpeon-Zen (Archive)

How To :
Using Xpeon-Keyblade Beta in Xpeon-Zen (Keyblade renamed into Dual Hotkey)
Update Xpeon-Zen
From Xpeon-Zen 1.1.1 to 1.2.1