Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Xpeon-Bar Beta : Make Your Shortcut Faster And Simple, Clean Your Desktop

This version is outdated. Version 2.0.1 is now available. 

Version : 1.2.3 BETA
OS : Windows
Release Date : 3 June 2013
License : Freeware
Size : 1,6 MB


Shortcut were used to access file or folder more easier. But when created shortcuts, it will make some of us feel that our desktop is messy.

Xpeon-Bar helps to manage your shortcut and categorize them so you can more easily access them without even go to desktop again. It fast, tidy, and simple. With Xpeon-Bar, you can easily add shortcut and even manage it with category and access it with single click everytime. You can also add folder shortcut. Xpeon-Bar even provided you with fast screenshot, fast album music player, and simple lock screen.

Features :

- Allow user to create shortcut of file or folder and rename it in a category simply
- Simple Lock Screen
- Allow user to modify it's color and other settings
- Fast Screenshot
- Album Music Player

Requires :

- Windows Operating System : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
- wmp.dll (Windows Media Player installed)

Changelog in Version 1.2.3 :
- Have own logo
- Music backward bug fixed

Download Link (Latest Version 1.2.3 Beta) :

This version is outdated. Get Xpeon-Bar version 2 now

You can choose either download the .EXE or .rar file

Download Xpeon-Bar (Direct Link) created with iexpress
Download Xpeon-Bar (Direct Link) an archieved file (.rar)

How To :

How to Update Xpeon-Bar