Thursday, 18 July 2013

Using Keystrike in Xpeon-Keystrike

Keystrike is pattern of key which when the user press the key in order then the target or action will be executed. Simple to use :

- Assign 1st until 5th keys (minimum until 2nd)
- Add Action
- Click create
- To activate (if in Set-Off mode) press  ALT + CTRL
- Play the pattern you had made

So if it was signed with for example :
- 1st key : Up Arrow
- 2nd key : Left Arrow
- 3rd key : Down Arrow
- 4th Key : Right Arrow
- Action :

Then after keystrike is activated, if you press up then left then down then right within some second then Keystrike will execute and open

After updated to version 1.1.1, Xpeon-Keystrike's Keystrike system had been changed to be more secure. Keystrike WON'T DETECT SOME KEYSTRIKE WITH SAME 1ST KEY VALUE. So remember to use different key value for the 1st Key of each of your Keystrike